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Chile is the first South American country to have joined the OECD, it´s economy is characterised by having a strong legal framework, being competitive, having solid economic foundations with a stable political system which have allowed us to have the best Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and growth in the region. Many international organizations mention Chile as being the best country to invest in the Region. 


Chile has signed 25 International Double Taxation Agreements, which cover 65 countries. Consequently, the taxes paid in Chile can generate a credit to which you must pay in your country.


Fortunately, when compared to other countries, investing in Chile is simple:

  • Does not require minimum amount of capital to invest.

  • Does not require Visa.

  • There are no limitations on the type of investments foreigners can make.

  • Access to the formal exchange market, which allows the easy entry and repatriation of capital.

  • Relative banking secret.

  • In a period of approximately 40 days, you may have a company registered and ready to operate.


Being a foreigner, the only obstacle is that you must designate a legal representative who is resident in the country. We must also point out that Chile has important barriers to avoid the use of banks and financial system for money laundering. 


About Us

In ASCENDE, we have specialized in being able to assist foreigners in all their legal needs, delivering a complete service: we can guide you in how to structure your investment, establish your company, obtain an identification number as a taxpayer, legal representation services, entry of capital, brand registration, and others.


ASCENDE is a law firm specializing in providing legal services to companies and their owners, with a focus on foreign investors. As we work with and understand business, we collaborate with our clients so that they can devote their full time to business activities, delegating the legal side to us. With more than 10 years experience in providing professional services to national and foreign companies, we have learnt how to anticipate and manage the legal needs of our clients. 



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